OrigaMIT Final Meeting Fall 2011

December 11th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Sok Song, the Creative Director of Creased Magazine, taught us how to fold Alex's Panda!
For show and tell, Peter showed us an elephant he wetfolded.

OrigaMIT folded a giant Christmas tree for our holiday study break!

We had our officer elections:
President: Jason Ku
Treasurer: Annie Huang
Event Coordinator: Jenny Ramseyer
Office Managers: Eli Davis and Kelly Kochanski
Librarians: Eli Davis and Sara Goheen
Curator: Rui Wang
Publicity Chair: Michelle Fung
Merchandise Chair: Kelly Kochanski and Laura Hallock
Webmaster: Yanping Chen
Photographer: Emma Feshbach
Historian: Katie Gertz

Congrats to the new and returning officers!

We will be folding some kind of skeleton over IAP, so stay in tune...

Great semester, everyone!

The OrigaMIT logo is a stylicization of Typeset, an origami font designed by Jason Ku '09. Top photo depicts Tim the Beaver V2 by Michelle Fung '13. Bottom photo depicts Mens et Manus II, copyright 2007 Brian Chan '02.

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