OrigaMIT Meeting Fall 2011

November 6th, 2011
Meeting Announcement

Date: Sunday, November 6th
Room: 4-270
Time: 3pm-5pm

This week we will be folding a mask by Eric Joisel. This model is fairly simple from a technical standpoint, but is quite difficult to fold well. Many variations are possible, so bring your imagination! After, we will be discussing how to fold a model from a crease pattern. Please bring in crease patterns for us to analyze!

As always, paper will be provided with access to a substantial origami book library! Come learn to fold something!

Meeting Minutes

We folded a 3D skull mask by Eric Joisel, whose work focuses on the human form. The 3D in-the-air folding can be difficult and frustrating and exciting! Masks are usually wet-folded, but this one is simple enough for normal folding.
We were in room 4-270 this week.
90 people are registered for the convention!
There was a lot of show-and-tell this week - see pictures!

The OrigaMIT logo is a stylicization of Typeset, an origami font designed by Jason Ku '09. Top photo depicts Tim the Beaver V2 by Michelle Fung '13. Bottom photo depicts Mens et Manus II, copyright 2007 Brian Chan '02.

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