OrigaMIT Meeting Fall 2011

October 2nd, 2011
Meeting Announcement
Date: Sunday, October 2nd
Room: W20-491 MIT Student Center
Time: 3pm-5pm

This week we will be teaching a classic modular designed by Kenneth Kawamura called the Butterfly Ball. This twelve piece modular is made from simple units, but can be quite difficult to assemble. The units are lightly held together by friction, and the ball will burst into an array of colors when struck!

As always, paper will be provided with access to a substantial origami book library! Come learn to fold something!

Meeting Minutes

At this week's meeting, we folded Kawamura's awesome butterfly ball!
Diagrams from Project Origami by Tom Hull, which everyone should buy.
Over 45 people showed up to fold (and explode) their model.
Andrea Hawksley ('07), our former president, also visited (yay!).
ETA for T-shirts is October 13th, to be sold on the 23rd.
And everyone's getting super pumped about our crane booth on parent's weekend, October 15th.

The OrigaMIT logo is a stylicization of Typeset, an origami font designed by Jason Ku '09. Top photo depicts Tim the Beaver V2 by Michelle Fung '13. Bottom photo depicts Mens et Manus II, copyright 2007 Brian Chan '02.

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